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Cheap Hotels Benidorm

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When Benidorm first came to the public eye of the British holiday maker in the 60’s and 70’s a massive tourism expansion programme began on the Costa Blanca. As a result of this, hundreds of hotels were designed and constructed along the beautiful coast of Benidorm. While some of these hotels catered for the luxury-seeking traveller, a lot were built with low cost in mind and as a result of this, cheap hotels in Benidorm began to take a lot of the trade away from the more traditional hotels. For many years, Benidorm was the number one foreign holiday destination not just for Britain but for a number of European countries and as a result of this, prices were not particularly extortionate but they were not rock-bottom low either.

In more recent years, it is sad to say that the Benidorm holiday experience has not been passed down to the younger generation and Benidorm has become somewhat quieter even in the summer months. This situation has not been helped by non-European countries trying to gain a foothold in the tourism market and taking the maximum advantage of the weak pound compared to the Euro. Back in the day, the currency in Spain was the Spanish Peseta. The 1980’s were good years and one Pound (Sterling) would buy you approximately 250 Spanish Pesetas. The British holiday maker soon calculated that if he were to buy a pint (or 500ml) of Spanish lager for 100 Pesetas (the going-rate at this time) that he was only paying about 40 pence. Since Spain, along with most other European countries adopted the Euro currency a few years ago, the old Great British Pound has taken a bit of a hammering and as a result of this, a Pint of lager in Benidorm will now set you back only about one Euro however, to the British holiday maker, this is no longer 60 pence but nearer 1 Pound due to the current GBP-Euro exchange rate.

Although this is a sad story, every cloud has a silver lining. Because the Benidorm hotel owners have experienced a massive drop in reservations and a terrible under occupancy rate, they have either decided to or been forced to drastically reduce their prices and competition between them is now fierce. This means that cheap hotels Benidorm are now a real life example of market forces making your holiday a whole lot cheaper. While the main expense of a self-catering or “DIY” holiday may still be the cost of the flight from your local or regional airport, it is still possible to occasionally find a cheap flight to Alicante and with the reduced price of your hotel or apartment accommodation in Benidorm, the overall cost of a holiday to the Costa Blanca is much lower than could have been imagined just a decade ago.

While a lot of people used to use Teletext or Travel House to book a cheap package holiday to Benidorm, it seems that more and more people are making their own holiday by finding low cost flights and cheap hotels or apartments and making the most of a somewhat quieter Benidorm.

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